Things you Should Know Before Sending your Curtains to Curtain Dry Cleaners

bxdrycleaners June 3, 2022

All of us have curtains in our homes, right? Do we all know how to take proper care of them? Why taking care of curtains is significant for your health?

Curtains not only help us beautify our homes but also act as a defense system for our homes. They can keep all the dirt, dust, and pollutants away from our surroundings and thus help us avoid infections.

Therefore, it is important to hire professional curtain dry cleaners regularly. This blog will help you know what you should know before sending your curtains to professional dry cleaners.

The Fabric Requirements of your Curtains:

Curtains made up of different fabrics have different dry cleaning requirements. If you are aware of the dry cleaning requirements of your curtains, you can guide your dry cleaning services in the best way.

If your curtains are made from cotton, you can ask dry cleaners to wash them after removing all the clips, hooks, and rings. This will help you keep your curtains safe from damage and rust marks because of these metallic clips.

The velvet curtains have a lining and are usually heavier. These need to be dry cleaned carefully by taking different preventive measures.

Curtains made from sheer fabric, net curtains, and lace curtains are quite fragile and delicate. These curtains may tear if not handled properly. Professional curtain dry cleaners use the same techniques for washing these delicate curtains used by shirt dry cleaners.

That is, these professionals dry clean each of the curtains separately. After dry cleaning, curtains of all types are hung up for complete drying. If your curtains dry cleaning service considers all the dry cleaning requirements of your curtains, you can get the best curtain cleaning services.

Experience of Dry Cleaning Services you are opting For:

Before finally hiring a dry cleaning service for your curtains, you need to know how experienced, and professional these dry cleaners are. If you do not consider this before finally opting for a particular curtain dry cleaning service, you may end up losing your worthy investment.

You need to opt for the best and most affordable dry cleaners to have cost-effective services. You also need to ensure whether they are using the right cleaning solutions and dry cleaning techniques or not.

If you find these services to be suitable for your curtains, only then can you opt for these services. If you find a particular curtain dry cleaning service to be unsatisfactory for your curtains, you need to search for another reliable dry cleaning service.

Hidden Charges of Curtain Dry Cleaning Services:

It is also important to calculate the whole expenditure on dry cleaning services for curtains. The charges of curtain dry cleaning service may vary from service to service. This variation comes with factors like your curtains’ material, size, weight, and height.

Calculating the definite cost quotation of dry curtain cleaning can help you avoid overburdening your budget. Thus, it would be best to ask professional curtain dry cleaners to let you know about all the charges, including service charges, GST, and add-ons.


We can help you avoid unpleasant odors and stains from your curtains. We also offer our services to remove pet dander from your curtains. So, if you are worried because of all these issues, you just need to call our professional curtain dry cleaning team.