FAQ Question Answers

Yes, we, as professional dry cleaners in Watford, offer free pick-up and delivery services for all the clothes at your convenience. You just need to select the location and the timing.
As professionals, we understand the importance of dressing appropriately for any business event. In order to keep your dress in perfect condition, you need to give it to the dry cleaners.
Depending on the fabric material, dry cleaners should press, iron, or stem the dress you have provided. This step is known as the finishing part when you give your evening dress to dry cleaners. You will get your dress with proper steaming or ironing
You can trust BX dry cleaners as we have been working for many years in the industry. We use a solvent that is lighter than water and prevents the color and texture of your long coat. Whereas water is hard on the long coat and can cause harm to color and also the fabric.
No fur jackets are not like the other clothes that can easily be dried. You are required to talk with an expert before cleaning it at home. Dry cleaning of the fur jackets involves a fur brush, a dry atmosphere, sawdust, and a lot of attention.
BX dry cleaners are professionals in cleaning wedding dresses, curtains, and more. We use a solvent that works more effectively on your clothes. We remove stains and make your dress look perfect.
The normal turnaround time for shirt dry cleaning is approximately 2 to 3 days. But we also provide you with same day delivery, depending on your demand. It doesn't affect the quality; you will get your shirt perfectly dry clean with same-day delivery as well.
Dry cleaning of sheepskin coats is really important, as the leather side of the cloth will get damaged if washed incorrectly. It is important to take care of every part of the sheepskin coat. That’s why we suggest you go to professional dry cleaners if you want the long life of your jacket.
When the professional dry cleaners work on your sheepskin coat, it will not cause any harm to your coat. They are the perfect technique to clean your sheepskin coat. You can trust us for the same.
With BX dry cleaners, you will get the perfect cleaning service, whether it is for delicate or valuable curtains or for any other material. We know how valuable these contents are to you. So, we follow the best method with lots of attention when cleaning the delicate curtains.