Hacks you Need to Know Before Curtain Dry Cleaning

bxdrycleaners June 3, 2022

Curtains play an important role in attracting dust and absorbing moisture. With time, this dust and moisture accumulate into the fibers of curtains and results in bad odors. This results in ruining the style and entire aura of your home.

This also results in making you embarrassed in front of your guests. Don’t you want to cast a lasting impression on your visitors with a perfectly cleaned and properly styled home? For this, you need to know about the hacks used by professional curtain dry cleaners in 2022.

Following these hacks will help you bring style to your home. Moreover, clean curtains can also help you add luxury, colors, brightness, and excitement to your living area.

Here are the hacks you need to know before dry curtain cleaning:

Look for the Washing Instructions:

It is important to follow the washing instructions before washing or dry cleaning your curtains. This will help you find out the best way to clean curtains. You need to opt for handwashing if the instruction says so.

If your curtains are meant only for dry cleaning, you need to hire professional dry cleaners. As professional experts give these instructions, you can protect your curtain from any type of damage.

Unfasten Tapes and Remove Hooks and Clips:

Unfastening tapes and removal of hooks and clips can also facilitate the curtain dry cleaning process. This can help you avoid causing damage to your curtains as well as the washing machine or dry cleaning machine.

So, according to professional curtain dry cleaners 2022, you can increase the lifespan of your curtains and equipment by removing all the attached clips and hooks.

Remove the Dust With the help of a Cloth Duster or Brush:

Dust can result in damaging your curtains badly. So, before starting the dry cleaning process, you need to remove dust with the help of a cloth duster, brush, or lint roller. This will help you reduce much of the load of dust that your curtains may carry.

This results in making the dry cleaning process easy and less tiresome. Professional dry cleaners also suggest using a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from curtains completely. So, if you follow this hack by shirt dry cleaners, you can clean your curtains in a short time.

Try to Treat Stains:

After the removal of dust, you need to treat the stains or stubborn marks on your curtains. For this, you can use different hacks, like using stain remover or a mixture of vinegar or baking soda to remove the stain before it finally sets in.

If you do not treat the stain before dry cleaning your curtains, your curtains will take a long time to be cleaned perfectly. Moreover, this can also cause damage to your curtains as tough stains like those of wine, coffee, and mud will require you to rub them.

So, it is better to remove the stain so that the dry cleaning process becomes less complex.


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