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Professional Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning WATFORD

B X Dry Cleaners is led by seasoned specialists with extensive experience. Detailed knowledge about wedding dress fabrics and patterns is our passion.

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Leather, Suede Dry Cleaning WATFORD

B X Dry Cleaners in Watford offers a variety of leather and suede cleaning services to meet your demands and our commitment to perfection. Our dry cleaning expertise ensures that your valuables receive the care they deserve.

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Professional Curtain Cleaners WATFORD

B X Dry Cleaners’ Curtain Dry Cleaning service goes beyond filth and stain removal. This complete method prioritizes fabric and color preservation, stain removal,

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About Us

Dry Cleaning Service: Let’s face it: when you use a dry cleaning service, you expect the best. After you have dropped off your clothes, your bedding and your fabrics, you expect to see them return to you as if they were brand new. At B X Dry Cleaners we have made it easy for you to put your confidence in us. Our facilities only use the highest quality instruments and the most premium cleaning materials that are available on the market, to ensure that you receive the best dry-cleaning experience every time. And it’s not just our state-of-the-art equipment which ensures that you receive great quality; our staff are amongst the most dedicated and diligent in the industry. After all, what are the best tools without the best craftsmen to use them? So, whether it is straight dry cleaning, or it is something more specialist like rinse dry cleaning, you can be assured that your garments are being looked after by long servicing experts who care about the final product.

B X Dry Cleaners Are ECO-Friendly

Do you, uh, eco-friendly? As a matter of fact, we do. Our main objective is to provide you the best services of dry cleaning, while keeping the process as eco-friendly as possible. We are a green and eco-friendly laundry company. Our free of toxins solvent is easy on clothes and the environment.

Our Service


Providing services since 1977 across Watford , Hendon, B X Dry cleaners is a company committed to fully clean all stubborn dirt marks on your clothes. B X Dry Cleaners are professional in Wedding Dress Cleaning, Curtain Cleaning and Leather Jacket cleaning and waxing. We serve the need of dry cleaning of any type of material. Our special chemical solvent ensures that your cloth is clean while its strength is maintained. Give your synthetic clothing the care it needs with our dry-cleaning services. A combination of an effective solvent with tumbling tends to remove stains from the very root. Our reliable dry-cleaning services is what makes our customers choose B X dry cleaners. We aim to provide our customers with the best dry-cleaning assistance.


Our premium laundry services are created for the working women of every household. With all the office work it would be hard for women to wash, dry and iron clothes at the same time. Coming back from a vacation, the dirty clothes pile up and it becomes hard to wash the clothes altogether. We provide all these services and more, for individuals, households, and businesses. Our services are the 3 As which stands for Affordable, Advantageous and Authentic. We also offer customized laundry services to satisfy our customers. So, relax and leave the laundry to us.


Along with cleaning B X group of companies offers tailoring as well. Get your wedding dress or suit stitched by B X Tailors. Get your leather jacket altered by our experts to have a perfect fit. Offering tailoring and stitching, a 2 in 1 service that is sure to make you look perfect. Ranging from party dresses to suits, you name it, we have it. B X Tailor also alters leather jackets, wedding dresses, suits, party dresses. These alterations are done taking your measurements or any other customized measurement you provide us with. Either way, you will get a perfect garment to wear on your perfect day. Our team of tailors are experts in stitching and tailoring. Next time you want something stitched come to B X Tailors.

dry cleaners near me and laundry service in Watford and Hendon

We recognize the significance of your time, that is why we are here to provide full-fledged laundry services for you. Based in Watford, but we provide service in harrow, Hendon, Borehamwood, Rickmansworth & London, B X dry cleaners offers its best laundry and dry-cleaning services in this urban district. Our job is to offer quality dry-cleaning services to the working people of London. We have a hands-on approach to the dry-cleaning world, that is why for the first time we are presenting same day dry-cleaning. Have a dry-cleaning emergency, you can show up at B X dry cleaners and we will get everything sorted. Coming to B X dry cleaners, you are sure to be impressed by our specialist dry cleaning services, your clothes will love it too.


B X dry cleaners offers a wide variety of services to fulfil every type of need of its customers. Heavy fabric is hard to clean, that is why we are cleaning those hefty material for you.

The array of services that we offer are:

  1. Shirt laundry
  2. Rug dry-cleaning
  3. Bed linen laundry
  4. Curtain dry-cleaning
  5. Ski wear dry-cleaning
  6. Wedding dress dry-cleaning
  7. Same day shirts dry-cleaning
  8. Suede, sheepskin and leather dry-cleaning

Any garment you give us, we will deal with it with absolute care and precaution. All your clothes are individually hand-ironed to give it the hand finished look you want. The same day dry cleaning service presents a great advantage to people looking for urgent dry cleaning in Watford, Rickmansworth, Harrow, Borehamwood, Hendon & London.


Some items are too expensive to wash, they are meant to be dry cleaned by professionals. We offer the care that your expensive piece needs. Clothes like:

  1. Silk
  2. Fur
  3. Dresses
  4. Branded shirts
  5. Rug dry-cleaning
  6. Wedding dresses
  7. Designer label suits

The most expensive thing, the one that is very close to your heart is your wedding dress. We will do everything to clean your wedding dress delicately and cautiously.

commercial & corporate dry cleaning & laundry services

Here at B X dry cleaners we offer variety of services, commercial and corporate dry cleaning being one of them. Taking care of your business is a difficult job, we have established commercial and corporate dry-cleaning to distribute your burden between us. We dry clean staff uniforms in bulk, bed linen, furniture cover and much more. You look after our company while we look after its cleanliness. Located in Watford, our shop is easily accessible to the people in London. A dry-cleaning experience you will never forget.

high quality materials and equipments

Since 1977, B X Dry Cleaners have been working hard to impress our customers, and after all these years we have achieved it. With years of experience up our sleeve we have managed provide high quality dry-cleaning and laundry services to our customers in Watford, Borehamwood, Harrow, Rickmansworth and London. With our well qualified and highly expert staff your belonging is in safe hands. The process of dry cleaning and laundry is tough on stains and gentle on the fabric, therefore the finished product is as good as new. We know how dry cleaning can be an expensive process, but here at B X dry cleaners you’ll get the same quality service with affordable prices. We use the best equipment and material for the best results.

B X dry cleaner do tailor and alterations

Professional Dry Cleaners and alteration Service If there’s one thing we know: it’s that a professionally dry cleaned and effortlessly fitted garment can make all the difference, whatever the occasion. Our in-house experts use state of the art equipment and a premium range of treatment materials, meaning that when you entrust us with restoring your clothes or bedding to their former glory, you won’t be let down upon seeing the finished article. We really pride ourselves on offering you a premium dry cleaning service that puts quality and convivence at the heart of everything it does. But at B X Dry Cleaners don’t believe you should have to compromise. It’s for that very reason that we offer same day dry cleaning and same day laundry services for our customers. We even deliver to you. So not only will you receive the best dry cleaning experience – handled by experts using state of the art equipment – but you can expect to see your clothes, bedding and garments returned to you on the same day you dropped them off with us. Our same day dry cleaning and same day laundry delivery service is part of our promise to you. It’s our way of making the everyday, simple for you. We’ll make sure that whether you bring us leather jackets, suede trousers, curtains, bedding, overcoats or even wedding dresses, they will be returned to you as if they were brand new.


Wedding dresses can be amongst the most treasured items in our wardrobe. And whether it be before, or after that special swan song down the aisle – it is important to take care of your wedding dress; with such a high-quality garment, you should only entrust a specialist wedding dress dry cleaner. Wedding gown preservation is not like looking after a regular garment. Most traditional weddings dresses are made up of exceptionally high-quality materials and need to be dry cleaned in a very particular way. At B X Dry Cleaners & alterations only use state of the art equipment and the highest quality treatment materials across the breadth of our service. When it comes to wedding dress cleaning, our team have gathered years of experience in understanding the delicate nuances of handling such an important piece. We providing service in WATFORD, HENDON, Rickmansworth, Harrow, Borehamwood & Bushey.


Leather has been a long-time fashion staple – its legacy, popularity and utility spanning across decades. This is due to its versatility, its aesthetic and its high quality; it’s one of the reasons that. Good leather jacket can be quite expensive. But when leather gets dirty or starts to look a bit tired, you can really damage it if you try to wash it with more traditional, domestic methods. Leather dry cleaning is almost an art form in and of itself. Much like how we treat our wedding dresses, we use state of the art equipment and high-quality treatment materials to ensure that your leather products are restored to their former glory – the right way. If you are worried about leather dry cleaning costs, send us an enquiry about what you would like to have dry cleaned and we can let you know what the next best steps are to take.

express dry cleaning service

We are among the many laundry companies that offer express dry-cleaning services. B X dry cleaners provides you with the benefit of same day dry-cleaning, but don’t worry time doesn’t affect the quality of our service. We go through the garment with the same process but within the time you give.

dry cleaning and laundry pick up and drop off

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The suit I received was much better than I actually expected. I would love to recommend BXT to everyone in my circle of friends. Thanks

Murphy London, England

The suit I received was much better than I actually expected. I would love to recommend BXT to everyone in my circle of friends. Thanks

Murphy London, England

The suit I received was much better than I actually expected. I would love to recommend BXT to everyone in my circle of friends. Thanks

Murphy London, England